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The general conditions of use (hereinafter the 'Conditions of Use') regulate the access, use and everything related to the salsero Technology Platform (hereinafter 'the Platform') either in its Web section under Domain and the Mobile Application under salsero name, as well as the contents and services that the owner of the Platform makes available to its users (from now on, the 'Users') and establish together with the Policy Of Privacy and Cookies Policy, regarding the management of personal data of the Users, the terms and conditions that govern the Platform (the 'Terms and Conditions').

In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, it is stated that salsero is a commercial name and the tax data are: registered office is in Seville , Building Confederation of Employers of CEA, Arquímedes Street, 2 (41092), with NIF 53272153-J, physical person José Crespo Seguín. In order to contact salsero, the following contact email is made available:

Access to the Platform or its use by the User necessarily implies the knowledge and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that the User reads them carefully when accessing it.

Users of salsero are all those who interact with the interface by differentiating those professionals from the sector (dancers, artists, business owners or workers) and who actively organize or participate in events, congresses, parties, courses or workshops ( From now on 'Professionals') of those who make use of the Platform by consulting information and / or acquiring tickets (from now on 'Consumers').


salsero offers its Users a ticket purchase service through which Consumers can purchase, in a quick, safe and simple way, tickets for the events and / or courses published in the Platform.

salsero only acts as an intermediary between professionals and consumers in the sale of tickets, managing only the promotion and distribution of these, so that at no time acts as an organizer of the events and / or courses or participate in any organizational aspect of the same.


To buy tickets for the events and courses published in the Platform, it is necessary to follow the following steps:
– Select the event or course that the Consumer wants to attend
– Select the number of tickets, if available
– If the Consumer is not registered, it is necessary to complete the registration form by entering the data requested.
– The system will redirect securely to Paypal to make the payment
– Immediately afterwards, salsero will send an email to the Consumer to the account that the latter has indicated in the registration process confirming the purchase
– Once the confirmation of purchase has been received, the Consumer will be able to download and print his or her tickets.


The Consumer will be able to access the premises where the event or course is performed, delivering the printed entrance to the access to the event. There they will validate the entrance with an access control scanner.

It is important to note that even if several copies of the ticket are printed, only the first ticket presented in the access will be considered valid, therefore, it will not be allowed in any case to enter those who subsequently try with the same ticket.


– Tickets are issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of the venue and the Organizing Professional. Violation of any of these rules and regulations, or any other act that may cause harm, prejudice or tort, will entitle the Professional organizer of the event or course to expel the Consumer from the local.
– The illegal resale of an ticket is not allowed, if it occurs it would cancel said ticket and would not be entitled to reimbursement or any other type of compensation.
– The event or course may be recorded for commercial and / or promotional purposes, so that the Consumers grant their consent by accessing it so that their image can be recorded and subsequently reproduced with the aforementioned purposes as part of the public.
– salsero does not participate in the organization of events and courses, so nothing has to do with aspects such as visibility conditions, acoustic quality, comfort of the premises, accessibility, etc. Which are exclusively the responsibility of the Organizing Professional.
– The Professional reserves the right of admission to the premises.
– Any ticket wrinkled, broken or showing signs of forgery will authorize the Professional to deprive the bearer of access to the event or course
– salsero is not responsible for the loss or theft of the ticket.


salsero is obligated in front of the Professionals to keep the Professionals page enabled at all times. It is obliged to allow the Professional to consult all the information and statistics on the tickets sold in their events or courses. On the other hand the Professional must add or provide to salsero all the information necessary for the correct provision of the service and keep his Professional account updated. The Professional through the acceptance of the Promoter Services Contract must allow salsero to collect and manage the tickets and immediately notify salsero, in case of modification of dates, change of conditions, place or circumstances of the event or course and apply the changes Necessary on your Professional page. If any Consumer had an ticket, the Professional must inform you directly about the modifications that he has made.

The Professional must immediately withdraw the event or course of the Portal when it foresees that it will be canceled or suspended and respond for tickets that have already been sold, in accordance with the Policy of Changes and Returns and respond to any kind of Reclamation or consultation of the users as a consequence of the sale of tickets of some of the events or courses that have published in the Platform.

It also undertakes to comply with the cost of the Ticket Purchase Service agreed upon and to have the necessary administrative authorizations in force and to have made the necessary notifications for the exercise of its activity, with obligation to exhibit them to salsero whenever it so requests.


The use of users Consumers and Professionals of the Portal is completely free.

The cost of the Service of Sale and Sale of Tickets that is provided by salsero is determined as follows:
– At the price of the ticket set by the Organizing Professional for each specific event or course (the 'Final Public Selling Price'), the percentage established in the promoter service contract (the 'Service Fee') will be applied . With which the Professional organizer of each event or course will receive the Final Price of Sale to the Public less the Service Fee for each ticket.
– The cost of the Ticket Purchase Service will be the amount resulting from adding up all the Service Fees for each ticket sold of the specific event or course (the 'Cost of Ticket Purchase Service')..
– In the event that the event is canceled and salsero has to pay the Consumers the Final Price of Sale to the Public of the tickets, according to the Policy of Changes and Returns, the Professional organizer must pay to salsero the Cost of the Service of Tickets Purchase.
– If the event or course is free, there will be no cost of the Ticket Purchase Service, since the ticket price is zero.


Within seven (7) business days following the end of the event or after the first class of the course, salsero will issue a clearance sheet to the Organizing Professional, which will include the Net Amount of all tickets sold for that event or course ( The 'Total Net Amount'). salsero will pay by transfer to the Professional the Total Net Amount within two (2) business days from the date of issuance of the liquidation sheet, through the means of payment indicated on the company's page of the Professional.

In the event that salsero has opted to acquire the tickets to the Professional Organizer, the Organizer will automatically issue a bill to salsero within seven (7) calendar days following the end of the event or first class of the course which will include the Total Net Amount, which will be paid by salsero transfer within two (2) days following the date of issue of the invoice through the means of payment indicated by the Organizing Professional. The Total Net Amount will be applied the tax of the Value Added Tax in force at the moment in force at the time of the transaction.



salsero puts at the disposal of its Users a service of publication of events so that the Users that wish it (the 'Organizers') can, quickly and easily, organize and promote their own events on the Website and the App (the 'Events') as well as sell tickets to other Users (the 'Buyers') of the Events they organize and publish. The Organizers may access the Information derived from sales through a private area created for this purpose on the Website or the App ('Microsite of my events'). salsero, only, acts as an intermediary in the sale of tickets for the Events between the Organizers and the Buyers managing in the name and on behalf of the Organizers the distribution of tickets, so that at no time acts as Organizer of the Events or participate in any organizational aspect thereof. salsero grants the Organizers a license to use the Microsite of my events, so that, in no case, does the transfer or transfer to the Organizer take place on behalf of salsero any of the intellectual or industrial property rights associated with the Website or the App or the Microsite of my events.


Users who wish to create an Event must register first as Users, for which they will have to follow the instructions indicated on the Website or in the App, providing the information required in the corresponding form (the 'Form of Registration'), which will be treated in accordance with the Privacy and Cookies Policy of salsero, as well as accept the Conditions of use. Once the Registration Form is completed, it will receive an email to the address indicated in the Registration Form, to proceed with the activation of your account (the 'Account') and the Microsite of my events. The responsibility of The custody and security of the Organizer name and the password that you have indicated in the Registration Form will be from the Organizer, therefore, it will assume responsibility for all the actions carried out on the Website and / or in the App by virtue of its Account. Once the Microsite of my events has been activated, the Organizers can easily register their own Events that they will manage through a control panel enabled for each Event through which you can edit all the information related to it (location, date, price of tickets, form of payment, etc.), promote it and control the sale of tickets to other Users.


The Organizer, by accepting the Terms of Use, undertakes to comply with the salsero's Privacy Policy and, in in any case, not to use the data for purposes other than those established in this section. In this sense, the Organizer manifests and guarantees, by accepting these Terms of Use, that he knows and complies with the regulations valid in the field of data protection, and will fulfill the obligations contemplated in it. In this sense:

1. Regarding the data that has been assigned to you, with the specific and express consent of the User, and in respect of which act as the Treatment Manager, only use them to send commercial communications of future events organized by him.

2. In relation to the data to which it has access and for which it acts as the Treatment Manager, only and exclusively will treat them for the correct provision of the Ticket Sales Service and to comply with these Conditions of use. In this sense and as required by the data protection regulations, the Organizer, in its capacity as Treatment Manager, undertakes during the term of the Contract:

- Treat said data following at all times the documented instructions of salsero with the exclusive purpose of carrying out the communications that were necessary;

- Ensure that the persons authorized to process personal data undertake to respect their confidentiality;

- Take the necessary measures to ensure the security of the data to which you have access;

- Do not resort to another manager without express prior authorization and in writing by salsero. In case the Organizer, in your condition of Treatment Manager, turn to another person in charge to carry out certain treatment activities on behalf of of salsero, will be imposed on the sub-manager, through a contract, the same data protection obligations as stipulated in this section and, in particular, the provision of sufficient guarantees on the application of technical and organizational measures appropriate so that the treatment is in accordance with these Conditions of use;

- Attend salsero, taking into account the nature of the treatment, through appropriate technical and organizational measures, whenever possible, so that it can comply with the obligation to respond to requests that have as their object the exercise of the rights of the interested parties;

- Help salsero to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations related to ensure the security of the data, notify the AEPD in case of security breaches, as well as communicate them to the interested parties;

- Not to communicate said data to any third party, without the authorization of a salsero, not even for the conservation of these;

- Adopt, implement and comply, in the terms provided in the current regulations and its development regulations, the measures of a nature technical and organizational requirements that guarantee the security of personal data and avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access according to the level of security that corresponds, according to the nature of the data personal objects of access or treatment;

- Once the provision of the services object of this contract has been completed, the ORGANIZER undertakes to destroy all the data of personal nature received by salsero, as well as the supports or documents that include personal data, and

- Make available to the salsero all the necessary information to prove compliance with the obligations established in the present section, as well as to allow and contribute to the performance of audits by salsero.


In accordance with the regulations in force in the field of consumption and retail management, the Consumer will not be able to exercise the right of withdrawal or resolution, which will not allow changes or returns of tickets, except in case of cancellation of the event or Course, and always with the express notice of the Organizing Professional. If the consumer can not attend an event or course, only the change of ownership of the ticket will be allowed.

In case of suspension of the event or course once started, the Consumer will not be entitled to reimbursement of the Price paid for the ticket, unless the Organizing Professional decides and inform salsero in writing. In any case, although the information on this change is solely the exclusive responsibility of the Organizing Professional, salsero undertakes to send an e-mail to the Consumer at the address indicated in the Registration process informing him of said cancellation or change in the conditions.

In the event that the Organizing Professional decides to proceed to the return of the Final Sale Price to the Public to the consumer, salsero will be in charge of returning the amount paid by the Consumer on the same bank card or payment method used at the time of Make the purchase and always within a period of fifteen (15) working days from the date of the communication of the cancellation of the event or course by the Professional to the Consumer.


salsero only acts as an intermediary between Professionals and Consumers in the purchase and sale of tickets for events and courses, managing on behalf of and on behalf of him the sale, distribution and management of the tickets.

That implies that salsero does not assume any responsibility in the event that the event or course is not celebrated, nor of the quality of the same, and the appropriate claim should be addressed to the organizer of said event or course.


Users shall be responsible for the correct use of the Platform subject to the current legality, whether national or international, as well as the principles of good faith, morality, good customs and public order, and with the commitment to pay attention to Any instruction provided by salsero.

Users shall refrain from using the services and contents of the Platform for illicit purposes or effects that are harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way may harm, disable, affect or impair the operation of the Platform, Content and its services. Likewise, it is prohibited to prevent the normal use or enjoyment of the Platform to other Users.

salsero is not responsible for the potential damages or errors that, due to the presence of any virus, can suffer the computer system (hardware or software) of the Users when they access or use it.

salsero will make the reasonable means available to the User so that the contents and services included in the Platform are accurate, of quality and up to date. However, salsero can not guarantee this circumstance at all times.

If it considers it appropriate, salsero can immediately and without notice suspend the provision of the service and, if necessary, remove the contents that it deems to be incorrect or illegal, and to do so in its sole discretion, or at the request of a third party affected or of authority Competent authority, without such suspension giving rise to any compensation.


salsero does not assume any responsibility derived from the links that allow, through the Platform, access to the User to services and services offered by third parties, provided that they are outside the Platform. Therefore, salsero is not responsible for the information contained therein or any effects that may arise from such information. Likewise, salsero reserves the right to unilaterally and unannouncedly remove the links that appear on the Platform.

If any User or third party will observe that such links may be contrary to laws, morality or public order, you must inform salsero by email


salsero is the owner or licensee of all intellectual and industrial property rights included in the Platform, as well as the contents accessible through it.

The authorization to the User for access to the Platform does not imply a waiver, transmission, license or total or partial transfer of rights of intellectual or industrial property by salsero, reason why it is strictly forbidden its use.

The intellectual and industrial property rights of the Platform, as well as texts, images, graphic design, navigation structure, information and contents that are collected in the same are either owned by salsero or have the exploitation rights over them Necessary, in any form and, in particular, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, in accordance with the Spanish legislation of intellectual and industrial property rights.

The Organizing Professionals guarantee that they have been duly assigned to it or that it holds the title of all the intellectual and industrial property rights associated with the contents that it includes in each one of the events or courses that it creates and publishes in the Platform and, in order to Promoting pampering on the Platform, grants to salsero all the rights to exploit such intellectual and industrial property rights. The described assignment will be considered for the whole world and with no time limit.


salsero reserves the right of admission and exclusion of the Platform. Any User that does not comply with the rules described above may be excluded.

Likewise, salsero, may withdraw or suspend at any time and without prior notice the provision of the Services to those Users who breach what is established in the Terms and Conditions.


All communications between salsero and Users regarding these Conditions of Use or to the acquisition of Services through the Platform, will be carried out by electronic mail,


salsero reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use in accordance with the applicable legislation at any time, which it will duly inform on the Platform, so it recommends the User to periodically review them to be informed of the latest modifications.


In case any Clause of these Terms of Use is declared void, the other Clauses will remain in force and will be interpreted taking into account the will of the parties and the purpose of said Terms of Use.

The non-exercise by salsero of any right derived from these Terms of Use shall not be construed as a waiver of said right, unless expressly waived in writing by salsero or prescription of the action that in each case corresponds.


These Terms of Use have been prepared in accordance with Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Law 7/1998 on General Contracting Conditions, General Law 26/1984 For the Defense of Consumers and Users, Law 7/1996 on Retail Merchandise Management, and all legal provisions resulting from application.

The Terms and Conditions are subject to the Spanish legal system. For the resolution of any conflict that could derive from access to the Portal, the User and salsero agree to submit themselves expressly to the courts and tribunals of the city of Seville.